Steam vs Consoles

Steam vs Consoles


Many gamers always debate over which one is better, using a console to play your games or using a PC to download games through steam. Many people argue that PC is better because it can reach higher limits than a console can. But others say that PC gaming is unfair because if someone has a better computer than you, they have the advantage. Consoles are all the same so gamers get the same experience and have the same gear as everyone else. But there are still debates on which one is better, and they are both for different kinds of people.

What is Steam? Why Might it be Better than Console?

2xkloaP-1024x552Steam is a gaming marketplace that is used to buy and download games and then play/launch the games from the app. There are many pros and cons to gaming using steam, but many prefer it over consoles for these reasons. For one, Steam can be used for free, you may have to buy a game or two to get started on your profile but it doesn’t require a constant membership to play online. Two, once you buy the game it is linked to your account so you won’t have to worry about losing the game you bought. Three, there are constant sales on games for half or more off the game you might want to by plus there are way more PC exclusive games than any console will ever have. And finally the graphics on the PC are way better and the gameplay and just gaming in general on a good PC is just so perfect people love it, but there are cons in PC gaming.

One of the major problems PC gamers have is they cannot afford to buy a new or better computer. Good gaming PCs range anywhere from 400 to 2000 dollars or more. If you have a computer from 2008 and you are looking to play a newly released game, it’s not going to happen because your computer will most likely not be able to run the game. But to get a computer that is about equal to a console is still a lot of money, probably from 500 to 900 dollars, why? Because the console is manufactured so it has locked settings and can’t push its limits past what is currently set. PCs can do a lot more than a console can, because of how they can be optimized and updated for any change that can come. The second problem with steam gaming is you are more likely to get hacked on a computer than on a console. Computer knowledge is a growing thing now and people want to find ways to exploit it. People hack into accounts and then sell the account to someone else, it’s called hijacking. And lastly the final problem with PC gaming except for it being pricey and somewhat risky if you do it wrong, is that technology is constantly growing. People with a budget don’t usually PC game because PCs need to be upgraded over time. Sometimes a $1000 PC from last year can’t even run a game that just came out, or if it can then at a very poor state.

What is a Console? How can it be better than Steam?

xbox-one-vs-ps4-970-80Consoles can never outplay a PC but they are definitely better for someone who has a limited budget and is looking for something they can just sit down and play a game on for a few hours and go on with their day. There are many different types of gamers and PC and consoles are very different but also similar. Consoles are less risky but provide poor overall quality. Plenty of people experience issues with consoles. Overheating, crashing of games, disks being unreadable, consoles being defective, etc. Gaming in general is pricey, and is risky but it’s for entertainment and it’s definitely worth it in the end. Personally if you ask me, I would choose a PC over a console. Why? Because I know my way around a computer, and most problems on a PC can be easily solved, on a console not so much.

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