REVIEW – WWE Extreme Rules

REVIEW – WWE Extreme Rules

WWE Extreme Rules this year went all out and was a decent PPV. It started off with the kickoff show NO DQ match between Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin. Result was somewhat predictable as Baron gets a much needed win20160522_ER_1920x1080_Ziggler--3365f16ebbf1aec4905efe5d649d16d2 moving forward. WWE is really moving towards pushing the new guys so it would not make sense for Dolph to win here.

Big Cass interrupted the Dudley Boys in the next segment. Big Cass is really over with the crowd due to his catch phrase and it won’t be long before Enzo Amore returns and spices up their feud with the Dudley Boys. Big Cass basically overpowers both D-Von and Bubba Ray and they ended up retreating to the back.
The PPV started off with the Tornado match between The Usos and The Club. It was a match with another predictable outcome as the team of Gallows and Anderson got the win. Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows ruled the tag team division back in Japan and they are expected to do the same thing in the WWE. It is expected that they will get a shot at the New Day soon and I highly expect them to dethrone the champs.
The tag team division is something to be excited about as the New Day were successful in defending their titles against the Vaudevillains. The Vaudevillains are fairly new on the main roster so it was not a given that they will be given the belts right away. In the end, the numbers proved to be too much for Gotch and English. The New Day deserve to hold the belts much longer as they are the most entertaining act in the WWE right now.
071_RULES_05222016MM_0323--4758878993fa90d1839f0ffe1b3d4664The only title change on the night happened when Kalisto lost the US title to Rusev which was the right call. The belt was getting really stale in the hands of Kalisto and it was a good thing Rusev’s dominance is back. His gimmick of needing a translator is also gone which is another good call.

In what should be a match of the year candidate, The Miz retained the Intercontinental title against Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Cesaro. All four individuals had their spots and there were a lot of times when the fans were kept at the edge of their seats. There was not a dull moment in this match as The Miz retaining was probably not the right call but he will go back to being irrelevant when he loses the title anyway so they are just delaying the inevitable. Sami Zayn had the crowd going with some high flying moves and Cesaro had his uppercut arsenal in full force as well. Anybody could have come out in this match the victor as it was definitely a match for the ages.
The Women’s title match between Natalya and Charlotte was fun for what it was as it had a really interesting ending. Dana Brooke comes out dressed as Ric Flair and distracts Natalya long enough for Charlotte to recover and lock in the Figure Eight for the victory. I had high hopes they were going to give Charlotte the clean victory here but that did not happen as it looks like they are pushing Dana Brooke to become her bodyguard. Sasha Banks is the only woman in the roster right now who is deserving of taking the title away from Charlotte. It is strange how Charlotte did not lose the title to her at Wrestlemania but it looks like they are saving a one on one match between the two of them at Summerslam.

The main event saw Roman Reigns lock up with AJ Styles in what I thought to be a great main event match. Obviously had the Club and The Usos get involved. Roman Reigns pins AJ Styles after all the chaos between the 6 men but it was Seth Rollins’ return at the end of the night that had the whole wrestling world buzzing. He is obviously back to take back the title he never lost.

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