REVIEW – Vizio P-Series 4k Ultra

REVIEW – Vizio P-Series 4k Ultra

Still don’t have a TV? Still getting the run-around on which TV you should own or searching for an amazing deal? VIZIO presents the new P-Series 2016 4K Ultra HD TV which scales every content to 4K Ultra HD resolution. Every movie, TV Show, or major event is converted using a spatial scaling engine which sharpens the content on-screen to 4K ultra HD resolution to the last detail. It doesn’t matter which provider you are using be it cable or satellite, both standard and high definition pictures are scaled into 4K Ultra HD quality. What more can you ask for?

Vizio have come a long way trying to build their reputation and they just might have proved their authenticity, since they have had great sales ever since their first P-Series TV model in 2014, as is affordable, and has greater specifications as compared to other TVs. Now, they have unveiled the new Vizio P-Series 2016. The Vizio P-Series 2016 has one of the finest picture quality ever seen. Whether watching a movie or playing video games, the 4K TV really shines and looks great in a dark room, with deep and very uniform blacks. I mean, it is very bright even on full screens and it currently holds the record for maximum brightness on a 100% window. Believe that!

It is also able to remove judder from movies, regardless of the input. Be it on a Blu-ray player, through a cable box, or streamed by a console or streaming box. More so, it is among the few HDR TVs that supports Dolby Vision. It is also a great gaming TV since there is little motion blur and the input lag is low, which is perfect for fast games. It also supports HDR content, offering up a wider range of color.

vizio-p-series-2016-16The best part is how the TV uses the SmartCast tablet remote and you can be able to download movies, browse media apps, use Google Cast and access all 4K apps. You have the chance of streaming and hosting killer apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and also YouTube. Video streaming is made possible since the Smart TV has a V6 Six-Core Processor with a quad-core GPU and dual-core CPU which definitely speeds the performance of everything…Better still, you can download the SmartCastApp and have it on your smartphone. In this case, you get to use your mobile device as a remote!

For this year, the Vizio P-Series 2016 comes in different sizes. 50 inch VA model with 126 local dimming zones, a 55 inch IPS model with 126 local dimming zones and the 65 inch and 75 inch models which offer 128 local dimming zones and high contrast VA display panel designs.

The only minor defect is how there is loss of picture quality at certain angles, and the fact that it lacks 3D technology. Not to forget, sometimes there are glitches due to quick communication between the SmartCast tablet and the TV.

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Buy the new Vizio P-Series 2016 Smart LED TV, and experience nice picture quality. A solid 4K TV with great viewing angles and an absolutely spectacular picture quality. You got to love it! Worth every penny! If you are looking for a TV for watching 4K movies, you will be more than satisfied! That's a guarantee...

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