Podcast Submissions

Geek Life Radio always welcomes new talent in podcasts.  Please consider showcasing your original and independent celebration of all things geek on Geek Life Radio.

Currently relevant genre or desired content and time slot availability are some of the variables considered to be played regularly on Geek Life Radio.  All submissions are juried.  Shows not immediately placed in rotation will be added to our directory for listeners to subscribe to.  View the directory HERE

We play shows from our directory at random every Thursday at 6 pm and Sunday at 2 pm.  If your show is in our directory you can still be heard live on air!

Geek Life Radio Podcasts are scheduled Monday through Sunday, 7 am until 1 am.  All times are Central.

Geek Life Radio reviews programming on a weekly basis.  After 2 months of inactivity we update from our podcast library.  Use the form below to submit your content.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Podcast Submission

Podcast Submission

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