Game of Thrones Recap

Game of Thrones Recap

FYI: Spoilers

Episode 2 of this was a stunner. I’m impressed by how in just a few hours the show can get past what Martin has been trying to get through for like twenty years now. Let’s do a quick rundown:

  1. Tyrion hangs out with some dragons.
  2. Roose gets it by Ramsey.
  3. Jon freakin’ Snow comes back from the dead.

I’ve been calling the last one for years. Me, and everyone who has read the books (and comprehended them). My girlfriend got in an argument with a guy the other day who said that Melisandre was out of the show, and Jon Snow was dead. Apparently it got a little heated. I wonder what that guy is thinking now that everything he was saying was completely wrong? All of my friends that haven’t read the books that looked to me for some sort of insight at the end of last season — I told you he wasn’t gone.

I’m glad he’s back. He is the only one that is smart enough to put up a decent fight against the frozen horde. Plus he has prophecy to fulfill, and I’m pretty sure he is going to hook up with Dany. Lastly, the shot of Ghost looking up right before he revived — epic.

Ramsey killed Roose when he found out about his newborn son. This fit the character perfectly and got right to the point. Then Fat Walda gets eaten by dogs. Eww. I can’t wait for this guy to die. I don’t know if they will be able to kill him the way he deserves. I guess him getting fed to his own dogs would be mildly poetic.

We also got to see Bran go back in time, ‘Christmas Carol’ style. He watches his dad and uncle practice fighting in the yard. They bring in Lyanna (who is going to be important in the future I’m betting) and we also find out that Hodor could talk at one time. This was probably the worst part of the episode as that is a far stretch from reality. It is way off from the feel of the books, and pretty unbelievable.

In King’s Landing Tommen apologizes to his mom. This doesn’t make any sense because she was the cause of the freaking problem in the first place. Jaime also gets a taste of the Head Sparrow as he is visiting his dead daughter’s body. I really hate the Head Sparrow. He is going to go down, I’m sure, but I’m not sure when or how.

There is also a scene where Theon’s dad, the king of the Pike, gets thrown from a bridge by his brother. This happened way back book-wise, so it is interesting that it has just happened in the tv series.

Things are going well this season, a vastly better start then last season which was like three episodes of boredom (as I recall). See you all next week!





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