Difference in streaming services Netflix, Amazon prime and Hulu

Difference in streaming services Netflix, Amazon prime and Hulu

There were times that to rent a TV show or Movie, you had to leave the comfort of your home. Video rental outlets were very common until digital streaming become available. It also came with its advantages as lateness fees, incurred during the era of rental outlets, has been eliminated. The various services in Digital streaming are convenient, inexpensive and simple.

It is without doubt that you may wonder what the differences between all this services are, being that they all have very many benefits and commonalities. Netflix, Amazon prime and Hulu Plus are the most popular services and we will look at some of the differences.

The benefits of on-demand media streaming services are affordability and most of all convenience. When choosing the best for you, the factors to consider would be, the device you will be running it with, you lifestyle that will influence what movies and shows you watch and of course your budget. These are the factors will be considering when looking at Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Payment Plans and Trials

Netflix has a 30 day free trial membership, but you will be required to provide your payment method and payment plan. If before the expiry or the trial period you decide you dislike the service, you need to cancel the account. The service has three plans, the most basic goes for $7.99 per month. Netflix has a unique service for DVD rental delivery, for this you add an additional $7.99 and get one disc at a time. For checking out two discs at a time, you pay $11.99 per month. It is the only company that offers DVD rentals and you can choose to only the DVD plan if you are not interested with streaming. The advantage of DVD rental is that, all the new releases are only on DVD.

Hulu Plus has just a one week free trial period. You also need to cancel your account incase you don’t like the service before the trial period expire, otherwise you will be charged a full month of service. However always keep an eye for their promotions, as in the past they have three months free with a coupon code. The services cost approximately $8 per month.

Amazon Prime offers a 30 day trial. Even though you require to key in your credit card number to begin the trial, you can simply choose “do not upgrade” from your Amazon Prime account. This will ensure that after trial period expires, then you are not charged. The service only offers one plan of service of $99 per year.

Device Compatibility

Netflix has been considered as the most compatible with capabilities of streaming using PC, PS3, Xbox360, Blu-ray player, Android, iOS devices, Internet ready TV, Nintendo Wii and Nook.

Hulu Plus also has a variety of compatible devices as Netflix. However it is not compatible with a lot of the Blu-ray players and Internet ready TVs.

Amazon has limited devices that you can use. They include Android and iOS devices, Roku, Internet Ready TV, Kindle Fire tablet and Blu-ray player. It is slowly growing its network and hopefully it will soon be able to incorporate as many as the other competitors.

Selecting what to Watch

Netflix has thousands of titles for members to select. The service has licensing deals with ABC, NBC, CBS, DreamWorks, BBC, Fox, Sony and Starz.

Hulu Plus has licensing deals to provide shows and movies from MTV, Disney, Fox, NBC and a couple of cable channels. However the advantage of Hulu Plus is that they are very religious when it comes to updating their library. This means you get the chance to watch the latest shows before the other services like Netflix.

Amazon Prime has quite a good number of titles that Hulu and Netflix have but its library is not as extensive. This is attributed by the fact that it is still new in the market.

It becomes simpler to select with service to settle for, once you enough information. If it is necessary, make use of the trial options and then select the one that suits your devices, budget and your viewing preference.



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