Brad’s GoTs Recap: Double Episode Spectacular

Brad’s GoTs Recap: Double Episode Spectacular

I know I wasn’t around last week. I was actually in Miami, hanging out with my girl for a day before we left for the Bahamas. By the time we got back it was just about Sunday so I’ve decided to do a little double feature in this week’s recap. I also know it is Thursday now. The reason it has taken me so long is that every time I try to sit down and write, I get depressed thinking about the end of episode 5 where the beloved Hodor get’s his namesake and valiant ending. First though, we need to talk about Episode 4.

In comparison to “The Door”, “Book of the Stranger” is underwhelming until the final scene. It starts with Sansa making it to the Wall to find her half-brother Jon. She never liked the guy before but how things have changed. It is good to see her opening up a bit and being a decent person. She has been horrible the entire show and seeing her grow a bit like she has in the books is a treat.

The highlight of the episode is when Dany goes into a tent with all of the Dothraki lords, bars the door behind her, and proceeds to knock over multiple braziers. It causes a massive inferno and all of the arrogant Khals die painful flaming deaths. I know this part is good but it was a little hard for me to buy it. This could possibly be the excessive influence the novels have on my psyche. It is hard for me to see this actually happening with dozens of intelligent and brutal Khals from what I imagined them to be.

Regardless, they all die and Dany comes out of the flames, unscathed. She has done this once before but I was under the impression it was the sorcery that was occurring at the same time. Not so. This this chick is fire-resistant. She is like a demi-god or something. She seems like my kind of woman, but if I was dating her I wouldn’t want to forget the cilantro if you know what I mean.

Emilia Clarke.
Emilia Clarke.

Episode 5: The Meaning of “Hodor”

The fifth episode was intense. It had pretty good pacing in it. I re-watched most of it last night with Allie and it still hit as hard as the first time. It was an epic end to Hodor though. I always had envisioned him living a long prosperous life as Bran’s avatar, letting Bran fight at times, impress girls, and in essence get his legs back. Didn’t happen though. We simultaneously find out how he got the name “Hodor” and how he was going to die because of that name. Pretty good filmmaking I thought, and still good long after it is all over and the story is told.

Not only that, Summer dies brutally at the hands of a pack of undead zombies. Summer too? It was too much for me to take. Maybe it is so sad because I know the series is going to eventually end — whether I want it too or not. There are only two dire wolves left, Ghost and Nymeria.

One part I did like better the second time around was the scene when Arya attended the play. She is sent to kill one of the actresses in it. The play is about her father getting murdered in King’s Landing. It goes from laughs to horror pretty quickly when the story unfolds. These people think very little of her family, and I think that is going to keep Arya from going totally ‘faceless’. Again, good pacing, colors and impact. Another story within a story. I caught a lot more on that second watch then I did the first.

Finally, did anyone hear the ‘Sansa is pregnant’ theory? People are going to go nuts, I’m just laughing over my Twitter feed. By the way, it is @brad_cogar if you want to see the best tweets I find.


Miss ya man.
Miss ya man.


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