Brad’s Game of Thrones Recap Season 6 Episode 3

Brad’s Game of Thrones Recap Season 6 Episode 3

Game of Thrones is moving nicely in season 6, we are now three episodes down and things are happening.  This week was a little slower, as it is hard to get more exciting then our boy Jon Snow getting brought back from the dead, but there are still several great scenes.

It has been a long time coming, but finally Allister Thorne gets the axe — well, the noose — along with his other conspirators. Instead of taking back command though, Jon Snow just mic drops and rolls out, quitting his reign as the Lord Commander. This opens up a lot of possibilities. Will he find Sansa? What about the Wildlings? Are they going to stick with the Night’s Watch now that the glue that held them together has walked out? I’m really interested in seeing what is going to happen with this. We all knew that he was going to leave the Watch post-resurrection but that happened very quickly.

Another big scene was when Bran traveled back in time with the tree guy and observed the battle between his father and Ser Arthur Dayne, The Sword of the Morning. They mentioned it in the show, but The Sword of the Morning was arguably the greatest swordsman in the Seven Kingdoms. There are many discussions about this if you hit the forums. He was like the LeBron James of sword fighting (or even the Steph Curry if you only look at the past two years). Ned wasn’t a bad fighter, he was a really good fighter — it just goes to show how badass this guy was. Dayne takes out no less then six people in that fight and is about to kill Ned when Howland Reed stabs Dayne in the back, ending the fight. No one is proud of killing such an amazing warrior the way they did, but they had to do what they had to do. When the fight is over you hear screams atop the tower and Ned rushes up the stairs. At this point Bran gets ripped from the memory and ends up back in the cave. He wants to know what happened but the man in the tree refuses to show him. One last thing — am I the only one that thinks the dude in the tree is so lame looking? I feel like I’m watching a low budget 80’s fantasy movie.

In a few unnotable scenes, Tyrion tries to make conversation with Khaleesi’s servants but fails miserably when it is shown that they have actually no personality whatsoever. Varys gets some info from a Harpy. Cersei gets disrespected by the small council. Jaime goes along with her and looks like an inefficient moron as he gets swept aside as well. They are ruining his story as he is actually way cooler when he gives up on his horrible lover/sister. Hopefully that will change. The High Sparrow starts to influence Tommen (ugh please end this religious fanatic). In the final boring scene Dany makes it to the Dosh Khaleen and well that is about it. Dany says she has to go but the head nun says she can’t and we all know what is going to happen with this. Dany will eventually go and head back to take her birthright.

Arya does some cool things as she gets tougher and more fearless then she already is. She also gets her vision back. She looks like she is like 24 though. I keep imagining her as way younger as she is in the books but on screen — that chick is so much older. Not much to be done about it but it is a little jarring at times.

The last scene that stands out is when the Littlejon Umber meets up with Ramsey and that clown heir of the Karstarks. The Umbers are great, and steadfast Stark supporters. It is pretty disappointing to see that he captured Rickon (who is now 32) and killed his dire wolf Shaggydog. That wraps up a loose end from the books and now we have to worried about what the recent Lord Bolton is going to do to the poor kid (er adult I mean).

Catch you all next week!


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