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Photo of 40 going on 14 40 going on 14

Four guys coming up on or passing up forty take a look back at the things they loved in the "pre-adult" world, and see how things have changed up since then! Join us as we decide if what was so cool back then still holds it's ground! Listen to 40 going on 14 Live every Saturday at 12pm CT.…

Photo of A Quest for Magic and Steele A Quest for Magic and Steele

A Quest for Magic and Steele is our Dungeons and Dragons podcast show brought to you by the SteeleEmpire. Join us on our epic DnD…..well, maybe not so epic…..but, pretty cool adventure, as our family takes on the roles of our adventurers. Amara, Shayna, Josiah, Brian, Lisha and David play the roleplaying game of Dungeons and Dragons.…

Photo of Bry-Fy Podcast Bry-Fy Podcast

A one man comic book podcast with comic reviews, nerdy news updates, and creator reviews. Listen Live every Monday at 1:00 p.m. CT Latest Episodes:

Photo of Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks

Angel and the Freak, a married couple talking about everything and nothing. No point, just fun and humor, laughing mostly at ourselves and the things we encounter. Always the truth.   Listen to DAPF every Wednesday at 1:30 pm Central time on Geek Life Radio.   Latest Episodes:

Photo of Doctor Who Dark Journey Doctor Who Dark Journey

Doctor Who Dark Journey is a full cast Wholock audio drama adventure taking The Doctor and Sherlock Holmes on a darker journey than ever before. Listen to Doctor Who Dark Journey every Saturday at 6:00 and 10:00pm on Geek Life Radio! Latest Episodes:

Photo of Fandomania: Geek Music Fandomania: Geek Music

The Fandomania: Geek Music podcast features interviews with various musicians in the nerdcore and geek music scenes. Sometimes you'll get extra commentary on subjects related to geek music as well. Listen to Geek Music Podcast every Monday morning at 8:00 am Latest Episodes:

Photo of Force Cast Podcast Force Cast Podcast

The Weekly ForceCast is the flag-ship show of and the number one Star Wars podcast available anywhere. Each episode features exciting news, commentary, interviews, and discussion about the Star Wars films and universe. The Weekly ForceCast is unmatched when it comes to interviews with the legends of Star Wars, having featured such guests as George Lucas, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Frank Oz, Billy Dee Williams, Jake Lloyd, Anthony Daniels, Ray Park, and many more.…

Photo of Gold Standard Wrestling Report Gold Standard Wrestling Report

Frank-E, RichLoco, Leviticus, Da King, and Tator bring you all the happenings in the world of pro wrestling, from WWE to the best of Chicagoland's Indies.   Listen Live every Sunday night at 6:00pm CT on Geek Life Radio

Photo of Green Up Podcast Green Up Podcast
(424) COACH 35

(424) 262-2435 is our voicemail We talk video games, tv, movies and podcasts. Find us on twitter @greenuppodcast & Our show will make you laugh for sure! Listen Live to Green UP every Thursday at 2 p.m. Latest Shows:

Photo of History of Bad Ideas History of Bad Ideas

Jeff, Blake and Jason are your podcast hosts discussing everything from comics to movies to television shows (Walking Dead, Community) and all things geek related! Listen to History of Bad Ideas Live every Friday morning starting at 9:00am CT. Latest Shows:

Photo of How Do You Engineer? How Do You Engineer?

Each week we interview an engineer about their path to engineering, what they do, and where they're headed. We try to gain insight into the important trends in their field, and how you can get started. We also delve into how to think like an engineer, and share some fun facts and beer reviews. Listen to "How do you Engineer" every Monday at 6:00p.m on Geek Life Radio!…

Photo of Jock and Nerd Jock and Nerd

A Jock and a Nerd come together to share their geek-love for comic book culture! Anthony and Imran talk about what they’re reading and watching, from Marvel to DC Comics. Enjoy full spoiler, uncensored news reviews and interviews covering comic book culture. Listen to Jock and Nerd every Wednesday night at 9:00pm CT on Geek Life Radio!…

Photo of Missed Spots Missed Spots

We are a couple of friends who love pro wrestling.  We figured instead of bothering our co-workers with hearing us talk about it that we would just bother the internet as a whole. Mike has been watching wrestling fairly regularly for over 20 years.  His first memory of wrestling is seeing the Undertaker stuff the Ultimate Warrior into an “air tight” casket.  …

Photo of Musings of a Geek Musings of a Geek

Discussing Geek Culture from the belly of the beast! Listen Live every Tuesday afternoon at 12:00 p.m. CT on Geek Life Radio Latest Episodes:

Photo of Turnbuckle Throwbacks Turnbuckle Throwbacks

Blue Collar NY'er Phil Raia is a lifelong fan of Pro Wrestling. Join Phil in his weekly tirade as he dissects the current product and pays homage to the old school as well. Also along w/ Will Sweeney have the "Will & Phil Awful Podcast" which is just two best buds who love sports and hate everything else which brings out the best and absolute worst of them...enjoy!!!…

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