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Photo of EL-7VEN EL-7VEN

Micah Sims II was born on December 6 1984. He comes from a long family line of pastors, ministers, & evangelist. Growing up he sang in the chior & played drums, adding to the family trademark of musically inclinded individuals. In his teen years EL-7VEN fell in love with rap music & dancing which eventually lead to writing songs, producing music & choreographing dance routines for local artist.…

Photo of High Adventure High Adventure

Brief descriHigh Adventure is an American fan-rock band based out of New England. Since 2008, High Adventure has gathered a worldwide following of fanboys and fangirls with their passionate music about comic books, movies, video games and fandom. The band has been featured on NPR, "The Force-Cast," "Rebel Force Radio," "The Indy-Cast," "Fanboy's Guide To The Galaxy," "The Star Wars Report," "The Star Wars Talk Show," "TechnoRetro Dads" and have played such high profile shows as New York Comic Con, Star Wars Celebration, Dallas Fan Days, Connecticut ComiCONN, Rhode Island Comic Con and Boston Super MegaFest.…

Photo of Kirby Krakle Kirby Krakle

Kirby Krackle is an internationally touring nerd-rock artist featuring the music of songwriter and performer Kyle Stevens. Pioneering the genre in 2009, Kirby Krackle is known the world over as the go-to band for heartfelt songs dedicated to the best in comic books, video games, pop and geek-culture with YouTube videos boasting over 2.5 million views.…

Photo of Kraken not Stirred Kraken not Stirred

Kraken Not Stirred is a musical act which spans various genres, writing songs about all manner of nerdy pursuits. If you grok songs about science fiction, fantasy, computers, conventions, and general weirdness, you've come to the right place.

Photo of Megathruster Megathruster

Chris Waffle (lead vocals and bass) moved to Portland from a state to the south which shall not be named. He started writing and releasing nerd rock albums in 2005 as part of his former band Hot Waffles. The origin of his clever, goofy, nerd rock songwriting super power is said to have begun when, after endless hours of playing Castlevania, he finally beat the final boss.…

Photo of Ookla the Mok Ookla the Mok

RAND BELLAVIA Rand Bellavia is more than one half (by weight) of the singing, songwriting, performing machine that is Ookla the Mok. He sings and plays guitar, trombone, and (when Adam isn't watching) keyboards. Rand is the Director of the Montante Family Library at D'Youville College. He is also a Visiting Professor in the Masters of Library Science program at the University of Buffalo's School of Informatics and annually teaches a "poetry for physicists" style Poetry appreciation class at D'Youville.…

Photo of Ultra Kombo Ultra Kombo

Ultra Kombo is a high energy, fast paced punk rock that spreads out love for comics, video games, superheroes and all things nerd related.

Photo of Wesley and the Crushers Wesley and the Crushers
(512) 766-9282

Wesley and the Crushers is a modern, one-of-a-kind musical exploration that is both passionate and geeky – passionate in our admiration and love for all things geeky, and completely geeked-out in our approach to our number one passion: music. The band name Wesley and the Crushers comes from the television show “Star Trek the Next Generation.” In this show, the role of Wesley Crusher was played by one of science fiction’s all time heroes, Wil Wheaton.…

Photo of Zalenka Zalenka

My name is Zalenka and I write words that flow together with oscillations I have created. I used to scream and act as front man for a technical death metal band when I was younger and now I focus on my solo music ideas and try to progress each day. I am working on a indie-nerd style album, a debut of sorts.

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