Advertisement Submissions

Geek Life Radio takes a different approach to advertising.  It’s FREE!

Unlike other radio stations or websites, we exist to support you and your mission.

If you have a game, independent pro wrestling promotion, independent movie, comic or anything that we believe our listeners may enjoy, let us know so we can promote you!

We only ask for a banner, link or some sort of representation of Geek Life Radio on your site in return.  We can even schedule an on-air interview with one of our many shows to get your word out.  You choose the format.

Geek Life Radio determines whether your promotion fits contextually with our content before we agree or continue to advertise.  (Not looking for Viagra ads)  Although it may actually fit. 😛

Interested in a great opportunity?  Let us know. If you would like to get an ad placed with Geek Life Radio just fill out the form and we will contact you within 48 hours to set up a time when we can talk.

Thanks for listening!

Advertisement Submission

Advertisement Submission

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