Welcome to Geek Life Radio!

We are a 24/7 “Geek” Live Radio stream.  We bring you the best in Geek audio from around the web!

To go along with our live radio stream we also have a growing Podcast directory all centered around Geek culture

Our radio station plays music from independent “Geek” artists from all different genres along with top geek minded podcasts.

Current desired content includes, Comics and Books, Video Games, Pro Wrestling, Movies and TV, and Technology.

Geek Life Radio takes submissions for both podcasts and music.  Our Schedule starts at 7a.m. and runs until 1a.m. Monday through Saturday.  All times are Central.

We look through all submissions and decide if it is a good fit for the station.  Consideration to be played on the Radio Station consists of a number of different variables.  It could be an unavailable time slot or a genre we are over saturated with.  Even if your show is not picked to be placed in rotation on the radio station we have two times a week where we pick shows out of our data base and play them live on air!  It will be placed in our directory for people to subscribe to.    You can view the directory HERE.

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